Fidelity Residential Solutions’ Property Services Division (FRPSD), offers comprehensive departure home disposition and destination home purchase programs through a single point of contact for all aspects of the process. From broker network management to appraisals, pre-decision tools to inventory management, our real estate expertise comes together through our Total Simplicity offering. Each of these services are available as stand-alone offerings to provide you with the flexibility to customize a program most suited to your organization’s needs.

Broker Management

We manage the placement of the broker assignment to our relocation-experienced network for listing and home finding referrals. FRPSD will also conduct BMA reviews, marketing updates and contract management for home acquisition, inventory and disposition.

Relocation Appraisals

Relying on our vetted relocation appraiser network for the delivery of quality appraisal reports, we use our leading edge technology for a logic-based analysis prior to undergoing our hands-on review. The culmination of our processes and our review expertise ensures that we assist our customers in obtaining an anticipated sales price in a timely manner.

Forecasting Automated Valuation Models (FAVM)

FAVM is a new option in the valuation tool box of our RMC customers and their clients. Offering a quick value, FAVMs can be used as pre-decision tools, BMA review tools and to supplement appraisals in the valuation process of a home.

Vacant Dwelling Insurance

FRS offers the placement and removal of vacant dwelling insurance (VDI). This service is provided whether you choose to use your preferred vendor or rely upon the FRS VDI program. We manage all the details from calculation of premiums, bordereau submission and payment of monthly premiums.

Inventory Management

We leverage our relocation-experienced broker network to move your inventory properties from listed to sold by handling payment management and marketing of the property.

Total Simplicity

Our customizable proprietary program leverages the expertise of all of FRS’ service lines and summarizes, in one property specific report, all factors impacting the value and condition of the home. We provide our customers with a comprehensive view of the property being acquired, thereby maximizing resource capacity and affording the relocation counselor more time to focus on the transferee experience.

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Tine K. H. Dickey, SCRP/SGMS
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