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Relocation Destination Solutions

The destination side of the typical corporate relocation program has traditionally been undermanaged.  Historically, the services and benefits provided to a transferred employee have been limited to the following components:

  • Some form of destination counseling;
  • Referral services to the relocating employee; and
  • Reimbursement of some of the costs associated with the employee’s new home purchase by the employer.

The limited focus placed on the destination side of a relocation transaction has resulted from the cost on the departure side far outweighing that of the destination, coupled with the lack of tax-avoidance opportunities associated with destination programs.  Fidelity Residential Solutions, Inc. (FRS) has taken a creative, proprietary approach at coordinating destination services to the employee that is directed towards providing both a convenience to the transferring employee and reducing cost for the third-party relocation firm and/or the corporate client through our OneFee program.

Outside of the fixed, state-by-state pricing afforded by our OneFee program, FRS can provide a variety of structured destination services to the transferred employee.  Our programs can be customized to fit your specific needs and those of your customer and can either become a "bundled" part of the departure process or act as a stand-alone service offering of destination title and closing services. Perhaps most importantly, our program significantly enhances our client’s referral capture rate -- leading to increased profitability.

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